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If you’ve filed a trademark with the USPTO, you it’s become very likely that you’ve been hit with a “Nonfinal Office Action” after the Examiner looks at your trademark. What does this mean? Do you have to respond? What types of office actions are there? Here’s a quick rundown of the most common USPTO Office […]

My Trademark received a “Nonfinal Office Action” from the USPTO – What now?

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We all know that for product-based businesses, selling on Amazon can be crucial in a competitive marketplace. But the rampant infringement of brands and product has led to consumer confusion, brand garnishment, and general chaos. Enter the Amazon Brand Registry. The Amazon Brand Registry is a program designed by Amazon to help brand owners protect […]

5 Tips to Combat Brand Infringement on Amazon

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Swipe up! Influencer marketing has become an immensely popular strategy for promoting products and services, offering mutual benefits for both influencers and brands. However, many influencers and sponsoring companies are unaware of the risks related to advertising, unfair competition, and trademark laws that arise from such partnerships. One recent lawsuit, Petunia Products, Inc. v. Rodan […]

Are Influencers liable for trademark infringement of brands they promote?


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Caroline J. Fox testified yesterday at the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding proposed fee increases. These fee increases would affect fees due to the USPTO across the board, including application fees, intent to use fees, fees for letters of protest, Section 8 maintenance fees, etc. Fee increases, some up as much as 400%, […]

Attorney Caroline Fox testifies at USPTO TPAC meeting

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