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Our client contract template bank contains basic forms and templates to give you a quick, fast, and customized way to deal with simple legal matters. Generate custom documents on demand!!

Access members get priority  1:1 access to your attorney. We keep daily dedicated calendar spots for Access Client communication.  And because don't bill per hour, so you can ask questions without worrying about a $300 bill for emails. You can truly say, "Let me run it by legal!"

Stop searching the internet for old, outdated, and not-state-specific legal information! We've recorded videos on legal topics related to business, IP, and contracts for our client's use whenever, wherever.

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All Access Membership plans include :

All Plans Include

All Access Members receive discounts on all other fees.  Think contract drafting, trademark applications, copyright filings, trademark monitoring, and hourly rates-- all at a discount.

Discounted Fees

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All Essentials, plus:

Ideal for growing teams of 3 or more; Complex Small Businesses

The essential services for new businesses or small business owners

perfect for scaling companies needing outside counsel




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flat fees for monthly legal needs


• Priority Q&A 

• DIY Contract Template Bank

• Videos and Knowledge Base

• 10% off all other legal fees

• Unlimited contract review* of documents up to 30 pages 

• Registered Agent Services ($125/ year value)

• DMCA  De-listings for infringed-upon content

• Standard Trademark Monitoring for one trademark ($600 value)

• 15% off all other legal fees


All Access Plans Include:

• Unlimited Contract Review*

All Essentials & Team, plus:


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$99 / Month

$175 / Month

3 month commitment req.

4 month initial commitment req.

6 month initial commitment req.

$550 / Month

$699 / Month

$2200 / Month

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Fees contingent on service needs

• Annual 45 min Legal Audit
($750 Value)

• Customized CANSPAM and Privacy Compliance Audit

•  Standard Trademark Monitoring for up to 10  trademarks total

•  1 On-Site (or Virtual) training annually

• 20% off other legal fees

• Custom Privacy Policy and Terms of Service document


The Peace of Mind You need to take care of business.

Stop fires before they start.
Really "run it by legal."
Stop "crossing your fingers" and hoping for the best.
More time focusing, less time Googling.

Get Access.

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All Access Memberships include:
- Unlimited Q&A to your dedicated attorney, either via your monthly call time (Essentials) or via email (Team and Corporate)
- Monthly calls to spot potential issues before they start
- Access to our contract template bank
- Access to our video vault, where you can stream on-demand educational videos (and not rely on shady internet advice!)
- A percent off of our normal fees

Access Memberships do not include:
- Litigation or pre-litigation*
- Securities Work (offering stocks for sale, soliciting investors, or production of Reg D documentation)
- Employee disputes
- Contract creation/ Contract drafting or redrafting*
- Trademark applications*
- Copyright filings*
- Any matters outside of our practice areas, including Family Law, non-commercial real estate law, patent drafting, elder law, wills and trusts, or anything not specifically mentioned on our website.
- Filing Fees due on your behalf

*These services are provided to Access Members at a discounted rate, which is dependent on the tier of membership.

"Contract Review" means going through a proposed contract, commercial lease, license, assignment, or other agreement and spotting the issues, pointing out potential pitfalls, and explaining how it affects your business.  For example, we may look at a commercial lease and point out that you need to negotiate HVAC maintenance; we might look at a copyright license and identify gaps in the terms vs. your needs; or we might look at a potential licensing agreement and note the dangers to your company.  

Contract Review does not mean drafting additional contracts, providing extensive redrafts of the language, negotiating deals or disputes with other represented or non-represented parties, or redrafting the contract. These services are provided to Access Members on a flat fee basis, with  a percent off our flat fee rates.



When deals seem almost too good to be true, I get skeptical.  So here's the skinny on why we're implementing this type of model.

Traditional billable hours pit clients, who want work done as quickly as possible, against attorneys, who are paid more for working more hours. This doesn't work well for anyone. Plus, I hate keeping track of time. I feel like it can take more time to record and produce an invoice than actually doing the work.

That's why we decided to turn traditional legal billing on its head and say "see ya" to the norms (which, if you've worked with us before, you know is  Caroline's M.O.!).  

We truly believe this method of client access can benefit both the clients and the lawyer.  Let's do this together!

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