Lay the foundation

 Operating Agreements, Bylaws, or Partnership Agreements are critical. We spend time writing these from scratch to get them right.

Corporate Documents


We guide you through registration of your corporate entity, your EIN, your local business license, DBA, and state taxation authority.



Select the appropriate corporate structure, which may evolve as your business grows.

Select a Structure


We start out with a clean slate by asking what you want to accomplish.  Each business has different priorities. 

Discuss Goals


There's a big difference between simply filing paperwork with the Secretary of State and establishing a registered, compliant business. While filing paperwork with the state can be done with a few clicks, completing the often-forgotten additional steps requires careful attention and knowledge of state and federal law.

The initial phase of establishing a legitimate business involves selecting the appropriate corporate structure, which may evolve as your business grows. Whether you are considering forming a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation, we are delighted to engage in a discussion to determine the most suitable option for your business's present-- and future--  needs.

Starting a Business

Get Professional Help

Clients come to us because they're serious about business. We guide clients through the formation process instead of just sending out a generic "click, click, fill out the form, GENERATE!" type of response.

You need a lawyer,
not a robot.

Drafting of Operating Agreement or bylaws
One free year of Registered Agent services ($175 value)
Drafting of Business License Paperwork
Detailed letter describing the proper operations of an LLC or Corporation

Evaluation and selection of structure
Filing corporate paperwork with the state
Obtaining EIN 
Filing of DBA

A Typical Business Formation Package Includes:

Considering a trademark?