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We'll work with you until we get your contract perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Get it right


Next comes the hard work: simplifying & streamlining your contract terms while ensuring compliance with  applicable laws.

Simplify & Streamline


We look at your current contracts or  proposed contract to determine scope and fees.



We start out with a clean slate by asking what you want to accomplish.  Each business has different priorities. 

Discuss Goals


We've developed a process for drafting clear, concise, and reusable contracts for our clients.

Whether it's starting from scratch or re-writing a longstanding master service agreement, our contracts are drafted to work with your processes instead of against them.

Common areas of practice include commercial contracts, intellectual Property licensing agreements, corporate contract review, and other  agreements for service-based businesses.

Contract DRafting

Digital Advertising Agency Master Service Agreement
Software Licensing Agreement for International Software Company
Independent Contractor Agreements
Event Venue Master Service Agreement and Liability Limitation

Asset Purchase Agreement for liquidation of closely held corporation
Influencer Talent Management Agreement
Photographer Service Agreement
E-Commerce Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for Online Boutique

Recently Drafted Contracts

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