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A way to think of a trademark office action is as a "preliminary refusal" of your application by the USPTO.

Deceivingly complex, trademark office actions are often issued for either administrative issues, which can be fixed quickly, or for substantive issues, which take a lot more legal finesse.

Applicants have a specific time period in which to respond to the office action.  Office actions may require arguments that cite caselaw, surveys, or other data.

We include the cost of Office Actions in our flat rates, because we know the odds of getting one are more likely than not.

Those "DIY Trademark robots?" They're going to hike up fees to correct simple mistakes that shouldn't have been submitted in the first place.

Office Action?

What is an 

Office Actions from the USPTO can kill a perfectly good trademark application. 

Whether its on behalf of our own clients, helping other attorneys navigate particularly complex office action responses, or fixing mistakes from plug-and-play legal services like LegalZoom, we've got deep experience in responding to the USPTO.

We know a thing or two about office actions.

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Office Actions are a Real Obstacle.

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  • Overcame 2(d) refusal by arguing the cited term was common, weak, and diluted 
  • Revived mark incorrectly filed through LegalZoom and narrowed Class selection to avoid overbroad claims
  • Successfully argued for lack of consumer confusion because of high degree of care by purchasers
  • Successfully claimed 2(f)  acquired distinctiveness for descriptive mark
  • Argued insufficient evidence presented by Examiner to support office action issuance
  • Overcame office action by arguing double entendre, multiple meanings within the English Language

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