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Historically, the expense of litigating a copyright dispute has been a major roadblock to creators enforcing their rights in copyrighted material. However, the launch of the new Copyright Claims Board (“CCB”), colloquially referred to as a “copyright small claims court,” aims to address that issue– and it just started taking cases as of June 17, […]

The New Copyright Claims Board is now open for submissions

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When we think about copyright infringement, most of the time we default to thinking about “Person A suing Person B” for infringing their copyrighted materials. That’s a civil lawsuit. But copyright law also carries some sharp penalties in the criminal realm too– think “the State vs. Person B.” The federal government can prosecute criminal copyright […]

Jail for Copyright Infringement? It’s possible.

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In the latest phase of the implementation of the Trademark Modernization Act 2020, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will open two new ex-parte cancellation proceedings on 27 December 2021, called “trademark expungement” and “trademark re-examination.” Through these new avenues, third parties may now request cancellation of some or all of the goods […]

What is “Trademark Expungement”?

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Consumer data privacy laws are rapidly changing both in the US and abroad. Businesses must comply with the requirements set forth for collecting, using, and handling consumer data. But what does that mean, exactly? Privacy Law – Basic Definitions Personal Data means any information relating to an identifiable “Natural Person”—meaning a real live human.  An Identifiable […]

Basics of GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy laws

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Considering a trademark?