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As the "global gold standard for privacy professionals," the CIPP/US certification is a "key industry benchmark" for those who work in privacy. According to the IAPP, "Achieving a CIPP/US credential demonstrates understanding of a principles-based framework and knowledge base in information privacy within the U.S. context."
For more information on this certification , see the IAPP Website. 

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It's critical to understand the unique challenges digital brands face in this rapidly changing legal environment. Our comprehensive approach combines in-depth knowledge of data privacy regulations with practical strategies tailored to your specific industry and business model.

Deep Data Privacy Experience


Do you have employee names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, and other data? It's covered by data privacy legislation.


Litigious plaintiffs are leveraging laws like the CPPA to go after small businesses with data privacy missteps. Find out how to protect yourself.

Small Business

Where and how does HIPAA apply? Can we use patient emails for marketing purposes? Deep involvement in the medical field means we can answer all this and more. 


Are you using tracking links for affiliate marketing purposes? You must note that in your privacy policy, and then handle that data with care. 


If you're building websites, apps, or software, it's critical to understand data flow, PII, and how that can affect the end client-- and your legal liability.


Funnels. Pixel. Universal Analytics. Email Marketing. Believe it or not, these are all subject to increasingly strict data privacy laws. 


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