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You've put time, money, and effort into registering your trademark.   Let us help protect it by identifying infringers, notifying you of threats,  and providing enforcement strategies.

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- Monitoring federal trademark applications for citations to your trademark
- Advising on strategy to combat potential infringers
- Maintenance filing reminders
- Yearly Trademark Audit to ensure proper use and accuracy of your trademark filing

All Standard Plan
features, plus:

- Monitoring state trademark filings
- Monitoring state business filings
- Monitoring web for infringing URLs
- Monitoring social media handles for infringing handles

360-Degree  Monitoring

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Tiered Trademark Monitoring

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All Standard and Premium Plan features, plus:
- Unlimited cease and desist letters 
- Communication and guidance for working with Customs & Border Patrol (CBP)
- Discounted fees for monitoring multiple marks
- Communication with key stakeholders as needed

Full trademark portfolio management


Most Comprehensive

• General Counsels outsourcing IP Work 
• brands with physical products

Best for:
• scaling brands
• brands with multiple revenue streams

Best for:
• new businesses
• growing brands

$150 quarterly

$450 quarterly

$1500 quarterly

Trademark Monitoring FAQ

All subscriptions include a yearly trademark audit.  This includes:

- Reviewing your use of the trademark for proper utilization
- Evaluating the scope of your trademark registration
- Determining the need for licensing agreements between associated entities using the mark
- Providing a maintenance filing reminder if Sections 8 or 15 are upcoming
- Updating ownership or address information to keep registrations up to date

Trademark audits take place after the first four (4) quarters of billing and yearly thereafter. After the fourth quarterly billing statement, you will receive a scheduling email, at which time you can schedule your audit.  

Trademark monitoring does NOT include:

- Litigation or pre-litigation
- TTAB actions, opposition proceedings, or cancellation proceedings
- Additional Trademark applications
- Drafting of license agreements, franchise agreements, or coexistence agreements
- Cease and Desist letters (Exception: Enterprise tier includes unlimited C&D letters)
- More than one mark.  Each mark must be monitored separately (Enterprise tier includes multi-mark discounts)

You provide us with your trademark information. Then, we monitor USPTO filings for citations to your trademark (if someone files a trademark application and your registration is mentioned by the USPTO in their response).  We will advise you on best next steps.

For Premium and above, we will also search state trademark filings, state corporate filings, social media handles, and URLs.  We run these reports twice (2x) per year.

For Enterprise level, we include unlimited cease and desist letters sent to potential infringers, should the need arise.  We also work with Customs & Border Patrol to stop infringing products from entering the country on your behalf. 

Enterprise level monitoring is an ideal option for In House Counsel wanting to outsource trademark policing and enforcement work, or for a brand struggling to manage counterfeits.

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