Let's keep this simple. Part of running a successful business is budgeting and allocating finances, so we help you do just that. A selection of our flat fees and fee estimates are featured below. 

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Flat Rates & Hourly Fees

Transparency. Value. Success.

Do you need a consultation on a simple legal matter? Meet with Caroline for one (1) hour to discuss your legal questions-- bring them all! You'll leave with a better understanding of your options, a solid legal task list, and knowing the potential risks associated with your business-related issue.

Flat Fee: $299

Please note that consultations do not include written legal opinions. For written opinions, flat fee rates will be provided in advance.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to starting a business. Between federal, state, and local rules and regulations, it can be tough to know what papers to file, when to file them, and where to send them.

We'll take the confusion out of forming your company so you can get back to building your business. Included:

- Counsel on selection of corporate entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.)
- Formation with the state
- Completed DBA filing
- Step-by-step guidance on obtaining your EIN, and local business license
- Step-by-step guidance on the 2024 BOI/ FinCen requirement
- Custom drafted operating agreement
- Registered Agent services for one (1) year ($125 value)
- Letter with detailed instructions on operating a Virginia LLC

Flat Fee: $650 for single owner; $1100+ for multiple owners
Note: Your $100 filing fee due to Virginia is included in our fee.

We love contracts.

Give us a look and we can quote you for contract drafting or review. We will start with a conversation discussing your biggest concerns, your payment collection methods, and issues that you've encountered. Then we'll draft a contract that makes your process easier, leaner, and easier to enforce.

Fee: Typically $50-100 per page depending on factors like industry, font size, and turnaround time.

It's a hot time to buy or sell a small business!

The thing most brokers won't tell you is that a lot can go sideways when executing a transaction. An experienced attorney can make sure you've documented your assets, transitioned intellectual property, and considered liability management in an equity or asset sale.

Simple small business purchases/ sales are billed hourly and average $10,000. 

Evaluate your brand before investing thousands of dollars in marketing.

This review includes analysis of your mark's likelihood of registration, an overview of the trademark registration process, and a snapshot of potentially competing marks. Particularly useful for startups and branding agencies wishing to avoid a potentially costly rebrand, but not ready to file their application (or wanting to DIY).

Fee: $1050

To see our trademark process and read our success stories, see our Trademark Page.

Trademark registration and strategy is a nuanced process that is glossed over by services like LegalZoom, often leaving markholders with nearly worthless trademarks-- or worse, no trademark at all.

We focus on intellectual property, and we are good at what we do.
We'll take care of this important piece of your business and give you a comprehensive trademark strategy. Included:

- A comprehensive trademark search
- A trademark evaluation opinion letter + application strategy
- Strategic Class selection with an eye towards growth, scaling, or franchising;
- Filing the application with the USPTO;
- Receipt of communications and correspondence with the USPTO
- Office Action Responses to the Examiner, including substantive responses (this is where it can get expensive if not included in a flat rate-- value of $350/ hour); and
- Instructions on post-registration matters including proper use, protection, and advice on mandatory upkeep filings.

Flat fee of $2,500 per trademark application (inclusive of one filing fee of $250).

Please note that additional application fees may apply via the USPTO if you (i) elect to file in more than one Class of goods and services, or (ii) need to file a 1(b) application.

If you need to file a 1(b) application, (an "intent to use" application) additional attorneys fees of $250 / once per 6 months + filing fees will apply until you can show use of your mark "in commerce"-- meaning you're selling the product or service.

Submitted a trademark application and received an office action in response?

That's ok- a majority of applications do!

We've got experience responding to both substantive and administrative office actions. Our fees typically begin at $1000.

Once you obtain a trademark, you must protect it.

We provide three levels of trademark monitoring services to fit any brand's budget.

For trademark monitoring flat rates, see our Trademark Monitoring page.

Trademark cancellations, trademark oppositions, or other matters in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board are very much like a trial (litigation).  We charge competitive hourly rates to advocate on your behalf in TTAB matters.

For businesses needing Registered Agent services, we will accept all official communications and service on your behalf and remind you/ complete your annual filings due to the SCC.

Flat Fee: $195/ year

Data Privacy compliance is billed at hourly rates.  Drafting of terms of service and privacy policies may be offered at a flat fee for less complex data structures.

Resolving disputes and litigation issues are billed at hourly rates and require retainers to initiate.

A state-level dispute requires a $2500 retainer
A typical case in federal court requires a $15,000 retainer

As a niche-focused practice, we bill at the competitive rate of $350/ hour for attorney time.

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