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On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enacted a sweeping ban on noncompete clauses. This noncompete ban, much like its state-level predecessors, marks a significant shift in labor policy, aiming to enhance career mobility and wage growth across various industries. This change aims to encourage a more fluid labor market, leading to a […]

Understanding the 2024 FTC Noncompete Ban and What It Means for Businesses

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In April of 2024, Maryland 🦀 passed its own Online Consumer Data Privacy Law (MODPA). This brief overview will provide a baseline for Maryland businesses understand the critical elements of MODPA. Understanding the Maryland Data Privacy Law (MODPA) Who is Subject to MODPA? The Maryland Data Privacy Law (MODPA) applies to businesses operating in Maryland […]

Maryland Passes Data Privacy Law (MODPA); Who It Affects and How

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Ok, so this blog post isn’t actually an #ad– but that’s a great way to disclaim it if it were so! We know that now more than ever, in the dynamic world of influencer marketing, transparency reigns supreme. It’s not just about building a loyal following—it’s about maintaining trust and credibility with your audience. That’s […]

#ads: Laws for Social Media Influencers

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Forming a business entity may seem straightforward, with most States offering a quick online process. Commercial services like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer also provide assistance for a fee (and tend to upcharge in ways that can exponentially increase the expense). But how do you decide what business entity type is the best for your particular business? […]

Business Entity Types – Should I file as an LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietor, or Partnership?

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