Speaking at {un}Convention

This time of the year can only mean one thing: it’s time to register for Catalyst Wedding Co.’s {un}convention at Quirk Hotel in Richmond, Virginia this November 5th!

“Catalyst Wedding Co. is a force for change and progress in a sometimes stodgy, very white, hetero-centric wedding industry. {un}convention provides an opportunity to come together with like-minded entrepreneurs in the wedding industry, who also want to see more same-sex couples, more people of color, more couples with diverse body sizes, more down-to-earth weddings, and more weddings that focus on love and community rather than the details and distractions.

{un}convention is a day-long conference that has traveled around the United States, selling out in locations like San Francisco and Brooklyn. Now the founders of Catalyst are reconvening in their home base of Richmond, Virginia and joining forces with Latoya Dixon Smith of Latoya Dixon Photography and The Queen Photographers, Cassandra Zetta, Jaime Patterson of Hidden Exposure Photographer, Tim Riddick, Chip Dizard, Caroline J. Fox of the Engaged Legal Collective and The Next Tuesday Podcast, Amber Marlow, Lucy Baber, Brittney Taylor Beauty, and Nadiya Nacorda of Imani Fine Art Photography.

Expect a full day of inspiration and panels discussing race, diversity and intersectionality, but also

business development workshops to help you better serve LGBTQ clients, create amazing Facebook ads, and ensure your business is on good legal footing. And of course, there are also plenty of cocktails and community-building with the best in the industry. Learn more about the schedule, the gorgeous Quirk Hotel, and tickets here:

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