COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses

COVID-19 is affecting businesses of all sizes like nothing we have ever experienced before.

In an effort to assist our clients, we are providing the following resource list, updated periodically as we move through this crisis.

National Assistance Programs

SBA Disaster Loan Assistance

Video from Small Business President on Applying for SBA Loan

BBRVA GoogleDoc including national, state, and local relief orgs and funds (rolling updates)

Federal Information

U.S. Federal Tax Law Postponement – Deadline for filing now July 15, 2020

Virginia- Focused

Virginia Governor’s Updated Orders and Press Releases:

Virginia Taxation Authority: COVID-19 Hub

Virginia Taxation Authority: Income Tax Extension & Penalty Waiver (*note: As of 3/24, income tax and corporate taxation payments are waived with no penalties until June 1, but the filing deadline has NOT been postponed, unlike federal taxes. Interest will still accrue.)

Virginia Taxation Authority: Postponement of Sales Tax payments

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